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tiffany jewellery Sandusky Star JournalSandu

Sandusky Star Journal

Sandusky Star Journal (Newspaper) September 1, 1937, Sandusky, Ohio THE SANDVSKT STAK JOURJfAL WEDXESDAT, SEPT. 1, 1937 PERSONAL MENTION MUSIC Society Events of City and Vicinity FASHIONS JEAN THOMAS, Society Editor. Phone Main 28 CLUB ACTIVITIES Ladies Aid Society, Emmanuel, Will Hold Regular Meeting This Thursday Afternoon In Church Members of the Ladies’ Aid Society of Emmanuel Evangelical church have completed plans for a regular meeting to be held this ‘^Thursday afternoon in tho church parlors. A short business session will be held in the early part of the after noon, during which plans for fall and winter activities of the group will be discussed. Quilting will bo done during the remainder of the afternoon. An informal social hour with service of refreshments will close tho meeting. Mrs. M. Hofmaster will act as hostess for the gathering. JEAN LOU NAGEL IS HONORED WITH PARTY GIVEN ON BIRTHDAY SALEM GROUP , TO MEET THURSDAY The Ladies Aid and Mission society of Salem Evangelical church will hold a business meeting in fie church parlors Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Louis Holzhauer will be’ in charge of the tiffany jewellery meet tiffany jewellery ing and Mrs. Fred Kriemes will review the Study B tiffany jewellery ook. A social hour with refreshments will be enjoyed at the termination of the session. CITY REVIEW TO MEET THURSDAY Thursday afternoon of this week at 2:30 o’clock the first regular meeting of tho fall season will, be held by Sandusky City Review, W. B. hall. Plans for fall and winter activities of th Silver Fox Store Hours 8:45 to 5:30 Saturdays 8:45 to 9 This Winter you’ll want a coat with SILVER FOX Rich Coats, lavishly accented with silver fox collar and reveres, suavely moulded, long slimming waists to give you slender height, new low flares for graceful walking of Forstman’s fine woolens including Persianna and other rich fabrics Fashioned to stamp you a woman of luxury and charm. These are here in the several qualtities. to $ .50 Luxurious “Martinized” New Velvet Dresses Gaining in favor Now that crush resistant velvets have been discovered. You’ll like these new dresses in women’s and misses’ fashions. This new processed velvet is rendered crush resistant to a remarkable degree and a slight shaking and hanging after wearing will restore it to its original beauty. We have these martinized Velvet Dresses in black, wine, blue, green and mahogany. All “Fashion First” tiffany jewellery Sizes 14 to 44. An outstanding group at $ 14.95 See the New “Saybury” Quickie Coats These new House Coats are slide fastened! Zipper to bottom. Youthful styles of silk rayon border prints Tailored figure fitting with seamed bias skirt Navy and brown ground with pretty prints. Sizes 14 to 40. Kayser’s New Gloves for Fall First of the new Glove fashions in Kayser leatherette, duoph’x, Kay Spun and Duopiex X Ray are here for your early selection. Black, Smoketone, Brown Oxblood and Chandron. $ $1 .45 New Hand Bags As new as tomorrow These fashion bags of suede, calf, suede and patent leather combinations and silk in pouch and tail orer styles, black, brown. Navy and costume matching colors. $1.95 New Velvet and Fall Hats Women known for their chic, know that Frank el’s Hats represent the ultimate in fashion as well at quality for such women we present our new collection of Fall Hats, individual, distinctive in a variety of types to bring out every woman’s charms. $2.00 $10.00 Ih? Wm. S. Frankel 0.

tiffany jewellery Sandusky RegisterSandusky

Sandusky Register

Sandusky Register (Newspaper) March 26, 1936, Sandusky, Ohio PAOB ItX THE REGISTKR, SANDUSKY, OHIO. THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1938 Society Club Notes OF INTEREST TO WOMEN Music Fashiom DORIS SPITLBR. The Register society editor. Office phone No. 2 Sunday School Board Of Trinity Church Holds Monthly Meeting Rer. And Mrs. Hughes Entertain Group Tuesday At Parsonage. Members of the Sunday School board of Trinity M. B. ‘Thomas Hushes ent tiffany jewellery ertAinin?. At the businosR session plans for the Easter season were discussed followed hy the regrular routine of buslncLss, and later a discussion of current events was held. Those attending the session Included Mr. and Mrs, Frank Copley, Jliss IFarguerite Greene, Ifr. and ^Trs. Georg e Dussault, Mrs. Kerste, Mr. and Jlrs. Carl Ludicke, Miss Weda Manning. Miss Edna Aust. Jfias Bess/e Taylor, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weaver, and the best and hostess. The April meeting will be held at the home of Miss Bessie Taylor, date to bo announced later. The usual hour for the older children will be held at four o’clock this afternoon, with Miss Marian NelU In charge. 4> Rfr. Vargo Entertains A surprise Wrthday party was jdven recently by Mrs. George Vargo, Camp st. honoring her husband. Refreshments were served following games of cards, and Mr. Vargo received gifts from Mr. and Jfrs. Fred Bye. Mr. and Mrs. Ken peth Sartor, Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Garbe. Mr. Koehler, Misa Sartor, and Mary Ann Vargo. Van Gogh Works Shown Works by Vincent Von Gogh will bs shown at the Cleveland tiffany jewellery Museum of Art during the next three weeks, until April 19. open to the public. A private view for Museum members was held Tuesday evening. This saJBi exhibition attracted upward of 300,000 visitors during the periods that it was open in Kew York, Philadelphia and Boston, and Inquiries from all parts of the Middle West have been received from persons desirous of seeing it while at Cleveland. The collection of about 60 paintings and 50 water colors and drawing.? occupies three of the Museum’s large galleries and will be open daily from 9:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. and on Sunday from 1:00 to 10:00 p. m.; also, on Wednesday and Friday evenings. Admission is free on Wednesday. Saturday and Sunday, and on Friday evenings. ^ PoUtical Club To Meet The Woman’s Political Club will hold a meeting Monday evening. Apr. 6. at 7:30 o’clock at the home of Anna Moore. 128 Homestead st. Pythian Slstort Meet The Pj’thian Sisters held annual Inspection Tuesday evening in the K. of P. hall following a. short business session, and 200 members and guests were present. Mrs. Katherine Hebblethwalte, district deputy, of Berlin Heights, was the inspecting officer and Mrs. Maj me Ernst was th critic One new member was admitted during the session. Many distinguished guests Attended and included Mrs. Rule Kin key, past grand mistress of finance; ^Irs. Mary Tagger of Oberlin, past district deputy; Mrs. Eva Howell of NANCY PAGE “Sail on the Ocean BUie” is Good Name By Florence La Gnnkc’ Nancy’s latest idea for a summer luncheon set used the sailboat motif. She had one friend who gloried In the possession of an outboard motor boat. Just to show her that other craftg had sailed the sea Nancy used the sailboat idea. For this luncheon set she chose blue linen of a lively medium shade. The sail was white, the boat was r^’^ The waves and pennant wore done in whltP em 5AILeOAT LUNCWCQ JET broidery and the stars were of red on the napkin and qf white on the plats doilies. But all that is a matter of choice. There is no reason why the place mats cannot be of turquoise blue with sails of white and boats of rich, deep blue. The direction leaflet, which you may procure by following the instructions given below, gives the working size design of the boat, the waves, and the stars. These stars are easy to make, small though they are, because Nancy has designed them of two triangles. One Is placed above the other eo that the points project and make the six pointed star. The sail Is of white. It must be made of heavy enough material so that the base of the napkin or place mat does not show through. At one time Nancy considered embroidering the long straight edge of the sail, suggesting some of the ropes, but she decided that the design would be smarter if she kept it simple. The pennant which flies on the boat is a small affair. It may be embroidered in chain stitch, or it may be appliqued in a contrasting color. Nancy thinks that a clever worker might put the owner’s Initial in that pennant. It would be tiny, of course, but might individualize the set. The napkins may be square or they may be rectangles. If rectangular shape is used Nancy suggests appllqueing the stars in the center of the top. Then when the napkin is folded Into thirds the stars ars placed as shown in the small picture. Her direction leaflet suggests another placement for these stars. You can work this idea out for yourself. But no matter how you work It out you will have a simple luncheon set that Is stunning because of that very simplicity. Direction leaflet for making “Saiiboat Luncheon Set” may be obtained by sending three cents and a stamped, self addressed envelope. Address, Nancv Pace, Publishers SyndlcAK 8Q NiHh LaSall^ Chi cago, m. Publlshere Syndii \te) Nurse Tells How to ReUeve Eexema Itehing “Bathe the affected surface carefully with hot water and Resinol Soap. Pat dry and apply Resinol Ointment generously. I have used this treatment often and have seen it relieve very stubborn cases of eczema suffering.” It subdues the itching quickly, and is kind to tender skin. Resinol Ointment and Soap are sold by all druggists. For free sample vrrite Resinol, Dept. 61, JBaltimore. Md. Nprwalk Contract League Has Meet NORWALK, Mar. 2 (Special) The Norwalk Duplicate Contract BriHgft League held its regular weekly session at the Elks Club with the following scores resulting: North and South Harlan Beach and H. A Pohl 72H. A. Araa to 78. Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. L. M. Prels 53H. O. W. Liawrenoe and Morley Price 5114. Dr. and Mrs. R. I. Bender 45%. East and West Dr. W. W. Lawrence and Ray Gorken 74. Mrs. H. A. Pohl and Mrs. C. T. Williams 67. Mrs. N. W. Gatrell and Mrs, W. H. Price 65. Miss Eleanor Wickham and Mrs. George Fifncr 6214. Mrs. G. W. Lawrence and Edwin Price 49. Mrs. Edward Brehm and Mrs. Morley Price 47^. The next session will be held next Monday night at eight o’clock at the Elks Club. Personals Ray F. Blosser of Cleveland visited fr’iendjs in Sandusky Wednesday Mrs. Harry Wood was a Cleveland visitor Tuesday. Mr tiffany jewellery s. Joseph Schlett, Huntington pl, was called to Detroit Tuesday where her sister, Mrs. William E. Higgins, former Sandusky resident is reported to be seriously ill. Tommy Schiller, Dayton, is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Wassner, Wayne st. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Taber (aiadeline Gardner) of Norwalk, are the parents of a daughter born Tuesday morning at Memorial hospital there. Mrs. Edward Brehm ot Norsvalk spent Wednesday in the otty. Rev, Karl Scheufler and son, Lowell, of Cincinnati, were the guests of Mrs. F. D. Scheufler, W. Monroe st, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs. Otto Geaaan and son, Wayne, and Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. William Dowler to Mt. Vernon, O., on Sunday, itr. and Mrs. Dowler entered the sanatorium there Monday morning. Mrs. Dowler was formerly Genevieve Geasan. Miss Mary Kathrj n Woodman is convalescing at her home following an operation performed at JIunson Hospital, Traverse City, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nebergall, Ralph Nebergall of Berlin Heights; Miss Lydia Fichtel of Vermilion and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nebergall were guests ot Mr. and Mrs. Ros coe Stout, Hayes av, Sunday. Louise Brown, Berlin Heights, was recently initiated into active membership in Delta Gamma sorority at Ohio Wesleyan university. Delaware. A graduate of Berlin High school Miss Brown is a member of the sophomore class at Ohio Wesleyan. She is the daughter of Dr. H. O. Brown. Fremont, past district deputy. All were presented with gifts from the Zone Temple. Miss Marian Reuter, most excellent chief, Edna Schnurr, captain of the drill team, and Mayme Ernst were presented with gifts from the group. The organization received a grade of 994. Guests attended from Cleveland, Elyria, Beriln Heights, Wil lard, Port Clinton and Oberlin. The group voted a donation to the Red Cross for the flood relief work. Plans were also discussed for a card party and dance to be given on Tuesday, April 14th. Leona Glass was appointed chairman of the committee to take charge a.,id will ho assisted by Mar>’ Louise Fievet, Beulah Bowman, Gertrude Gayer, Emma Hook, Emma Howald, Cora Myers, Rosenette Mitchell, Edna Votgt Elle Maus. Carrie Schnurr, ^Ruth Taubert, Leltie Gerold, Fran ‘cis Robinson and Goldie Flint. Use scissors when cutting up celery leaves or dicing the stalks. Daily Pattern By ELLETT WORTK i% aivd Mm He seemed like one of us, and yet As time went on we knew The things that most o ns forget He, found the time to do. His lawn was always neat and trim And in his garden small Were roses blossoming for him While we had none at all. Like us he worked from day to day And earned about the same; But he was first a call to pay When grief or trouble came. Although the need that sorrow Ibrings As well as he we knew, He was the one who did the things Which we were going to do. Somehow the time he always found A thoughtful friend to be. He’d stop, though in or outward bound. The sick or sad to see. And thus we learned from year to year And all his life long through. He did the deeds of kindness here . Which we had meant to do. Heat frying pan until hot, ad;i and quickly sear chops. Add rest of ingredients. Cover, lower fire and cook .’iO minutes, or until chops aio very tender when tested with fork. GLAZED APPLE SLICES Three tablespoons fat; 2 cups sliced apples; i teaspoon salt; teaspoon pepper; 1 tablespoon lemon Juice; i cup water; 3 tablespoons brown sugar. Melt fat, add apples and cook minutes. Add rest of Ingredients, cover and simmer 10 minutes or until apples are tender and browned. Arrange around chops. FIG COOKIES One half cup fat; 1 cup brown sugar; 1 egg; i cup cream; 1 iea spoon vanilla; 2 3 cup chopped figs; i cup nuts; i teaspoon cinnamon; 1 tablespoon grated orange rind; 2i cups flour; 1 teaspoon soda; J teaspoon salt. Cream fat and sugar. Add egg and cream, beat well. Add rest ot ingredients and drop portions oC dough from tip of spoon onto greased baking sheet. Space inches. Bake 10 minutes in moderate oven. Hilda Silcox Will Wed George Berner NORWALK, Mar. 25 (SpeclalV Mr. and Mrs. E. A. White tapers in silver holders shed a soft light over the table. will go everywher tills auiiniicr. Ynu can even wear it to town with its nifty little “iiippod in” waistline jacket. Style No. ]6. J6, i8 and 40 inches bust. Our Illustrated Home Dressmaking Spring Book will enable you to have smart clothes and more of theni for less mrjiiey. Eacl tep in the making of a dreas Is fliowii with lllufiiratffl diagrams Send for your cnpv today. Wrap coin carefully. Y. Pat I fern Hurtau, Tlio Kandusky tiffany jewellery JtetflM ler, Suite II 111. 220 Kast 4:;nd Kt. .\ew York. N. Y. Bride Elect Honor Guest At Bellevue Miss Nona Blai.’k of Rrlkvue hriile elect of David C Cnilghcad o ManRfiold, was honored at a per. sonal shfiwer given by Mrs. ‘WaUor O. Kaiser of nr^Uovun recently. Tuesday evening Mth. V,:iV\ H;irr or asslHted by Mrs. I”:. ^\. An orli,’iiial iioem co teat wrh enjoyed with MrH. I’. iulIn Kerstetter winning thn tro; hy. ju’l refreshments were nerved. Misses Kntliep and Smith will entertain In their Inrn’ this evening in honor i,t Mir Hlack. The group, will sing the cantata On tlb Nile” by Paul Bliss. Members of the Glee Club taking part In the program are Carolyn lien, HoJen Krueger, JIarlan Tan ney. Jane Fritz, Alary Ackerman Marilyn Palmer. Lois Jiaase, hyllls MacDougali. Ruth Hutton RoKe Simmons, Margaret Vance Mary Cooper. Esther Unk ich, Joanne Zalin. Luurti Suead. Esther Arnold, Lavahn Mayer. William Loffer, Theodore Hobert, Ernest Scott. Bruce l ess at her home on Campbell st Tuesday evening to members of the drill team of St. Cecelia’s Auxiliary for their monthly meeting. A pot luck supper was served at six o’clock with covers laid for 14 members, and the regular business session with disctission of routine matters followed. Tuesday, April, 14, the group will be entertained by Mrs. Anna’ Richonauer at her homo on LInd sley st. Auxtltary Plans Party A pinochle party will be given at eight o’clock this evening by the V. F. W. Auxiliary for members and friends of the Poirt and Auxiliary. In charge are Mrs. Ijcona Gentry, chairman of general arrangements, and Mrs. Bertha Hanchey of the refroshments. Of fleers will assist as hostesses. High awards and served. rofrcshments will he Reeves Revlenv To Meet A. mipper will precede the regular meeting to be held this evening by Reeves Review. W. B. A., in Odd Fellows hall. Members of the supper commit teo are Mrs. Alice Jackson, cluilr lady, Mrs. Gertrude Bcier, Mrs. Ethel Curtis, Mrs. Mary I,ouIb Hchl. Mrs. Mary Stein, Mrs. Emma Fehr, Mrs. Ivena Brandle, Mrs. Florence Bango, Mrs. Anna Hipp, Mrs. Anna Schomcnauor and Mrs. Cora Wilk. Supper service will held from five to seven o’clock. At 7:45 o’clock the regular meeting will be held for members. The Prosperity Guard Team Club will, meet on April 3 at the homo of Mrs. Anna Hipp, Cllnton st. Miss Blatny In Honored Miss Helen Blainy was honored with a birthday party given Tuesday evening by Miss Virginia Eokler. Kay Hudson and Mary Mc Elroy received awards in the games of hearts played and a luncheon was served. Other guests were Ruth Steinhauser. Helen Nctzler. Dorothy McClafflln, Helen Ecklef. and Eunice Ferguson. Miss Blainy corers in the games will receive received many gifts. Catching Cold? Try this unique aid to nose and upper throat where most colds start. Its timely use helps prevent tnany colds. Juit a few dropt up each nottrU VICKS VA TRO NOL The remarkable tuccera of Vick drops hae brought Korea of imitation. The trade mark Va tro nol it your protection in getting thit exclu