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tiffany Samsung B7300 OmniaLITE review

Samsung B7300 OmniaLITE review

The audio quality of the Samsung B7300 OmniaLITE is somewhat of a mixed bag. The extremely low noise level and stereocrosstalk as well as the excellent dynamic range are the strong points of the OmniaLITE performance.

The frequency response is good for most of the range but the cut off bass frequencies aren’t allowing us to qualify is as anything more than decent overall. The total harmonic distortion is the worst par tiffany t about the OmniaLITE audio output, going several times higher than usual. It’s not that it is too disturbing but we are used to seing a lot better from most other handsets.

The Samsung B7300 OmniaLITE is capable of taking 3 megapixel photos with a maximum image resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. There is no flash of any kind and no two step shutter key, so you should probably lower your expectations right now.

The B7300 camera viewfinder is familiar to us from the Omnia II (and most other recent touchscreen Samsung handsets for that matter). The comfortable inte tiffany rface is nicely touch optimized and has all you need in the two vertical taskbars on each side of the viewfinder.

Samsung B7300 OmniaLITE camera interface

There are a good number of configurable options here ISO, white balance, default storage, mettering method etc. However, extras such as Wide Dynamic Range and image stabilizer have been omitted.

At least there is geotagging support on the OmniaLITE allowing you to record current location in the image EXIF. The list of extras is compe tiffany ted by smile shot, and a dedicated panorama mode.

We are not particularly impressed with the image quality of the Samsung B7300. While the amount of resolved detail is decent we find the noise levels higher than usual. The colors also look pretty dull. At least there is tiffany no loss of fine detail in the photos and no traces of oversharpening.

tiffany Samsung announces Omnia WT

Samsung announces Omnia W

That’s why tiffany you keep saying it’s just a rip off of Android, and making up stories about how I talked about “how well Bada works”. Bada is a different OS with its own ecosystem and UI, just with similar skin. But the thing with skins is that Samsung can apply it on any OS they want. TouchWiz was original until the similar icons in 3.0 version which is changed in 4.0. They were using TouchWiz on both Symbian and WM6.5 phones. WM6.5 copy Symbian? Symbian copy WM6.5? No. But did Omnia HD UI look very similar to Omnia II UI? Yes.

If you haven’t noticed, all Samsung phones for quite some time had their own line of design. The main elements of their design “quadrangle” middle/home button with 2 buttons on tiffany its sides have been there since number pad phone era.

They only got banned in Germany and Netherlands, Tab 10.1 in Aust tiffany ralia. What’s really funny is that while SGSI and iPhone 3G/S might be worth arguing over for the icon and trade dress, Tab 10.1 is NOTHING like the iPad except for the fact that it’s a tablet and it’s super thin. You can’t even mistake those two even if you are tech illiterate or even blind. If Tab 10.1 is getting banned for “similar look and feel” it’s safe to say that the entire lawsuit is Apple’s outrageous gre tiffany ed game.