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tiffany Samsung announces Galaxy Core

Samsung announces Galaxy Core Advance with 4

I am a tech loving person and always up and cheering for what’s “Best for business”. I do own an iPhone 4S, a Note II, Lumia 1020 tiffany , 920, 520 and I have experiences on multiple segments. This is my friend, just a waste of revenue or maybe it’s an old stock of some other named smartphone which didn’t sell and Sammy, just to clear the stock, changed it’s name and started selling it with a different name.

Now, on the micro level. There was said before that Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 will be available worldwide next year with almost the same pricing as this phone. If the retailers, customer care centers, shops have already ordered Galaxy Grand 2, will they be ordering the same phone tiffany with bumping up down specs?

Oh! Another thing. Choice? It’s your “must use” word in every Sammy article and I doubt you know anything more than that. Choice is best when there are no alternatives. What’s so best among this phone as consumers find it as a “choice” for what’s already available in market with some high low price?

iPhone is totally a different case. When it was first made, it was said by Steve Jobs that this phone is for a different class and everyone can’t afford it because of it’s premium tag and whatever. The point is, iPhone is said to be premium(whi tiffany ch I don’t care) and it’s just made once, twice a year with overprice tags. I am not even so much concerned about iPhone. I do own a 4S though but my primary phone is the Lumia 1020.

As being a blind Samsung fan, you do know that their mostly generated revenue is earned by high end phones, right? Won’t the low end phones are a waste of R and other related sheets? Even a simple question. How many customers will buy this instead of more powerful Grand 2?

The thing is, we sometimes become so much blind to our favorites that we start lacking common sense and finally showing ourselves as idiots who su tiffany pport what is being wrong. What is wrong here is flooding the market with the same handsets by different names. Now, don’t go anywhere. As you have answered me, I have also answered you with some “common” logic. Are you going to still defend Sammy over this “Not so termed choice” or be a man and accept the fact? Time and your presence of mind will tell.

I think samsung used wrong name ! . It should have been SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 HAHA : P . Actually i have a better idea . Next time if samsung wants to release these similar and ‘belongs nowhere’ phones. They should name the entire line up as.

tiffany Samsung and Sony bag 5 EISA aw

Samsung and Sony bag 5 EISA awards each

Samsung and Sony have dominated t tiffany his year prestigious European Imaging and Sound Association awards getting five winners each. It was HTC that won in the arguably most important category, though Advanced tiffany smartphone. The EISA awards re tiffany cognize the best equipment across a range of technology categories and the winners are picked based on the judgement from 50 specialized magazines, which are based across 20 countries in Europe.

Samsung has managed to bag the Smart TV, Photo Innovation, Compact System Camera, Social Media Phone and Green Phone awards. Sony on the other hand grabbed TV, Advanced camera , Compact camera, HT Receiver and Tablet awards.

The Samsung UE55F8000 TV, Samsung Galaxy NX, Samsung Galaxy NX300, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and Samsu tiffany ng Galaxy S4 are the winning products in their respective categories.

Meanwhile, the HTC One was adjudged as the European Advanced smartphone of the year, while the Huawei Ascend P6 was declared as the European Consumer smartphone. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z got the top honors in the tablet sector.