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tiffany’s Saskatchewan Research Council

Saskatchewan Research Council gives innovative biodigester to national agriculture museum

It a made in Saskatchewan product tasked with showcasing how innovation can alleviate one tiffany’s of the agricultural world biggest woes.

And, it might just prompt a radical re think of how farmers see the messes left behind by their livestock.

Bioprocessing and e tiffany’s nergy specialists at the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) have built a functioning biodigester, which breaks down and converts animal waste into energy.

an environmental friendly piece of equipment, Erin Taman Athmer, communications manager with the SRC, told Metro. can help (farmers) reduce their energy footprint on their farm. small scale machine, built in the spring of 2013, has been sent to the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum (CAF tiffany’s M) in Ottawa, where it was unveiled in a special ceremony on Monday.

The biodigester works when farm manure is loaded into its tank, where microorganisms ingest it and produce methane gas. The methane is collected at the top of the tank before it is moved into the bag like bladder section of the device. Once full, the bladder releases the methane, which is then utilized as an energy source.

The left over waste known as digestate can be collected and used as fertilizer.

While some biodigesters may produce a noxious scent, Taman Athmer notes that the SRC model has a filter to tiffany’s remove the odor producing element from the methane gas.

The SRC unit, which took approximately five months to build, will be showcased to museum visitors as an example of how ingenuity in the agriculture field can transform something seen as a major nuisance into a much needed power source.

at CAFM, we are proud to showcase the various aspects of energy science and innovation in the agricultural sector, Fernand Proulx, acting president and CEO of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, said in a prepared statement.

tiffany’s Saskatchewan marijuana contest

Saskatchewan marijuana contest not going up in smoke

Saskatchewan’s Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup won’t go up in smoke, even if new federal regulations force it underground.

The event, which invites medicinal marijuana growers across Saskatchewan and Canada to submit tiffany’s pot sampl tiffany’s es to be judged, is entering its third year. Organizers say it will continue beyond 2013, despite a new federal law prohibiting private dwelling production.

“We were all illegal before the program, so if (they) think we don’t know where our roots came from and how to get back to them, they’re wrong. Friday through Sunday, 15 growers approximately 11 of whom are from Saskatchewan will compete for the Cup in Saskatoon.

Lundstrom, however, said it focused on more than potent pot.

“We need acceptance, and the only way to make that happen is to host events like this,” he explained.

City police say that though some individuals are legally permitted to possess medicinal marijuana, they will charge those without proper licences and will take enforcement of the event on a step by step basis.

Insp. Jerome Engele said by e mail that holders of possession licences are not to share, sell (or) give marijuana.

Those who do, he added, are to charges under the Criminal Code of Canada and are also breaching their licensing agreements. are expecting tiffany’s about 300 guests at the Cup competition at the Odeon Events Centre.