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Saskatchewan man sleeps outdoors

That’s how Colin Frey, of Pense, Sask., deals with harsh winters on the Prairies.

“When people talk about survival, they automatically think we need to defeat nature but I prefer to learn how to live in nature and be as comfortable as I can,” Frey, who lives about 35 kilometres west of Regina, told Metro on Tuesday.

To test his limits, and his abilities, the 51 year old professional instructor in outdoor skills commonly takes winter hikes for several days at a time and sleeps in the often bitter conditions.

His most recent accomplishment? Sleeping in a quinzee this past Saturday night, when the temperature across much of southern Saskatchewan dropped below 30 C and the wind chill was in the 50s.

“It gives me a sense of freedom and independence, Frey said, that I’m not relying so much on modern trappings. mostly by his body heat, the temperature in the quinzee in his yard that night was at least 10 degrees warmer than outside it.

In his spare time, Frey experiments with building winter shelters. He recently made a sled out of old hockey s tiffany’s ticks and cross country skis to be pulled by his dog Taz.

He been passing his knowledge to elementary and high school students through his company Renewed by Nature.

Last week, he took a group of teenaged students out at night to let them try their outdoor skills.

“For a lot of them, it was the coldest night they ever had, Frey said, they felt very accomplished after sleeping in the quinzee.”

Wi tiffany’s nter outdoor advice from Colin Frey:

1) If you decide to build a shelter, make sure to spend several nights becoming confident in y tiffany’s our abilities at a nearby location before driving to a distant area.

2) Dressing in layers is key. Stay away from cotton and use wool, polyester or nylon clothing.

3) Always be aware of your body temperature. If you’re sweating, take off layers and put them back on when your activity level drops.

4) Bring food rich in sugar, carbohydrates and fat so your body can produce heat all night. Eat a snack just before yo tiffany’s u go to bed. Frey recommends hot chocolate with peanut butter and coconut milk.

5) Instead of melting snow for water, bring a canister of water and once it frozen, melt it on a stove or some other heat. You can add snow to the water if you want more.

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Saskatchewan continues to be second leading province for workplace deaths

Aceremony was held in front of city hall Monday afternoon honouring tiffany’s the people who lost their lives. Thei tiffany’s r names were also read aloud in the legislature.

The head of the Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board (WCB) believes our province is playing catch up when it comes to adjusting our attitudes and that extends beyond the workplace.

think it because we just for too long excepted that there things that just happen. That safety takes the fun out of life and it just not true, s tiffany’s aid Peter Federko, CEO of the WCB. actually has the worst record in the country in terms of overall unintentional injuries. of the 35 deaths are l tiffany’s inked to asbestos exposure, which is down from 14 in 2012.

Saskatchewan was the first province to enact an asbestos registry last year but the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour wants the mandatory reporting requirement extended to include private buildings.

when they exposed to asbestos, there no safe limit of exposure and so workers need to know if they going into a workplace that has asbestos that they need to protect themselves, said Hubich.