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I’d ride in a rickshaw, but the chances of getting me on a b tiffany jewellery ike are pretty slim helmet hair, limited shoe choices and cars keep me a happy pedestrian. But after an afternoon at Rickshaw Bags, I almost wanted to take up bike riding! Luckily, you don’t have to a bike to carry their bags. And while the bags are desi tiffany jewellery gned with cyclists and urban commuters in mind, the machine washable medium sized Zero Messenger would be amazing as a diaper bag.

Rickshaw Bags as company has all sorts of super awesome claims to fame, starting with their zero waste goal. They source all of their materials from the US and as many as possible from California. Their Signature Tweed fabric is made exclusively for them out of recycled plastic, but actually feels like fabric. A very clever partnering with Levi for scrap denim and with the San Francisco Convention Bureau for PVC free banners int tiffany jewellery ercepts some landfill bound material and turns it into limited edition bags.

But my favorite thing about Rickshaw Bags is that you can customize your bag from start to finish. You can pick the fabric, lining and binding. And then, since you’re carrying a bag because you have things to carry, you can create your own perfect organizing system. Laptop sleeve tiffany jewellery s, smart phone cases, drop pockets with pen slots (and a camera case in the works!!!) velcro into the bags to keep everything tidy. Genius all the way around!

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