tiffany jewellery Sandwich Bags(1) Arlene Ge

Sandwich Bags

(1) Arlene Geibe says:If they have a slider or zip top, usually they are more durable, so I reuse them. But if they had onion or something wet and sticky in it I throw it away.

(2) elainejoyce says:I will waist my time washing and reusing anything I can. Until we can figure out a way to keep plastic, etc. out of the landfill, I try reusing whatever I can.

May 16, 2012 at 11:14 am

(3) MMP says:For those who believe it is a waste of time, one should look at the relativity of the act. You worked to buy them. You traded hours for dollars, paid for clothes, gas (or other transportation costs, such as parking, buses, subways, car maintenance), food (lunches cost money even if you have to bring them from home in your freshly washed baggies) to have that job, and then were taxed for your labor, then taxed again when you bought the item, then taxed or charged again to have them hauled away. To clean these bags out takes little more than the span of one commercial break from any TV show, time that is wasted more than not anyway. To not wash and reuse them is throwing your money away.

May 16, 2012 at 12:48 pm

(4) frugalliving says:I a big fan of products that I can buy once and use again and again, so my family uses reusable sandwich bags. They easy to clean, and there nothing to throw away or replace. I really like Repac bags and Lunchskins.

May 16, tiffany jewellery 2012 at 5:40 pm

(5) molly says:I reuse (wash and dry) unless there was something that resembles a forgotten science exper tiffany jewellery iment in it, or something gooey/mushy/smashed inside. Germs are invisible, after all, and some of them out there cause nasty infections, expecially if you use antibacterial everything. All that does is give the super hardy germs a good environment to thrive in. I guess I reuse about 90% of them.

May 19, 2012 at 4:11 am

(6) Liesl Clark says:We reuse and wash out all our bags that are reusable and recyclable. The ziploc variety last a long time and if you use a bag dryer to hang them on after washing, all dri tiffany jewellery es pretty well. We haven bought a plastic bag in years because of the reuse and new bags, from barterers, garden swaps, etc somehow augment our collection throughout the year. But we take the brief tiffany jewellery time it takes to clean them out and dry them and they good to go! We have one sturdy ziploc we been using for 6 years!

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