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saner ideas of leading an organic life

Shankker, 46

Decay is good

Shankker was appalled by tiffany jewellery the excessive use of plastic in the country. “Plastic bags are convenient. They are flexible and can carry 100 times their own weight. Even I used them when I absolutely had to. The biggest problem is that plastic cannot be destroyed,” he says. Even if the bag decays, it leaves behind toxic powders in the soil. Lakshmanan, 60, to make biodegradable plastic bags. tiffany jewellery Biotec bags, which cost Rs 200 per kg, are coated with a food grade enzyme that makes the bag decay about 90 per cent in 180 days.

by Lakshmi Kumaraswami

Mechanic with a purpose

IgNite Garage, Chennai

Raghav Rangarajan 32

The Inspired

Rangarajan started IgNite Garage in 2012 keeping eco friendly cars in mind. “If a mechanic doesn’t service the car keeping in mind that it is supposed to reduce emissions, then buying such a car is a waste,” he says. Almost every aspect of IgNite is green, from the noise levels to the disposal of emissions. Excess oil is sold to contractors looking for used alternative oils. Scrap parts are divided into metal and plastic and recycled. However, IgNite is not marketed as eco friendly. “The important thing is keeping the client happy. The impact on the environment is an added bonus,” says Rangarajan.

by Lakshmi Kumaraswami

Sea of change

Sea6 Energy, Chennai

Sri Sailaja Nori 30

Soumya Balendiran 30

Nelson Vadassery 30

On a winning streak

In 2008, IIT Madras students Nelson Vadassery and Sri Sailaja Nori joined hands with Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering student Soumya Balendiran to take part in the prestigious International Genetically Engineered Machine competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US. Their project was to make environment friendly fuels using macro algae. They went on to win awards.

Fuel from seaweed

Sea6 Energy, set up in 2009, was a result of the need to develop their project. They figured that raw material was the problem. “I tiffany jewellery nstead of micro algae, we decided to look at macro algae which is basically seaweed,” says Vadassery. Sea6 Energy has two departments ocean farming and bioconversion. The bioconversion department works on converting the biomass into fuels using various catalysts.”It will take six months to a year to perfect the process. We’re working on revolutionising seaweed farming and discovering which catalysts can convert biomass into fuel,” says Balendiran. by Lakshmi Kumaraswami

As we learnt more and more about the kind of toxi tiffany jewellery cs that go inside a kids toy, we began looking for alternatives.

Revolution on two wheels

Go GreenBOV, Bangalore

Dhivik Reddy 29With global warming a growing concern and fuel prices shooting up, Dhivik Reddy knows electric vehicles are only going to gain prominence. Priced between Rs 28,000 and Rs 48,000, the bikes don’t burn fuel, so there is no smoke emission. One can travel 120 km on a fully charged battery. For every bike sold, buyers are encouraged to plant a sapling.

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