tiffany Samsung announces Omnia WT

Samsung announces Omnia W

That’s why tiffany you keep saying it’s just a rip off of Android, and making up stories about how I talked about “how well Bada works”. Bada is a different OS with its own ecosystem and UI, just with similar skin. But the thing with skins is that Samsung can apply it on any OS they want. TouchWiz was original until the similar icons in 3.0 version which is changed in 4.0. They were using TouchWiz on both Symbian and WM6.5 phones. WM6.5 copy Symbian? Symbian copy WM6.5? No. But did Omnia HD UI look very similar to Omnia II UI? Yes.

If you haven’t noticed, all Samsung phones for quite some time had their own line of design. The main elements of their design “quadrangle” middle/home button with 2 buttons on tiffany its sides have been there since number pad phone era.

They only got banned in Germany and Netherlands, Tab 10.1 in Aust tiffany ralia. What’s really funny is that while SGSI and iPhone 3G/S might be worth arguing over for the icon and trade dress, Tab 10.1 is NOTHING like the iPad except for the fact that it’s a tablet and it’s super thin. You can’t even mistake those two even if you are tech illiterate or even blind. If Tab 10.1 is getting banned for “similar look and feel” it’s safe to say that the entire lawsuit is Apple’s outrageous gre tiffany ed game.

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