tiffany Samsung C3300K Champ review

Samsung C3300K Champ review

The equalizer the music player widget

Last, but certainly not least, the player is nicely touch optimized to include fast forward and rewind. This adds up t tiffany o an tiffany great music application that can fully replace your portable MP3 player.

The Samsung C3300K Champ packs a stereo FM radio that has a built in antenna. That means it works even without headphones plugged in and with the loud stereo speakers it can easily provide entertainment for a group of people at a moment’s notice.

The FM r tiffany adio application the radio and player widgets

The radio doesn’t have RDS or music recognition service, but we can live without those things. The Champ has the option to record a radio broadcast the quickest way to get a new song.

A cool feature is the program reminders you can set several reminders, each for a specific station, active only on certai tiffany n days. When the time comes, an alarm sounds with a handy button to start the radio and tune it to the preselected frequency. If you have several radio programs you follow, this feature is priceless.

The homescreen widget works much like the music player widget. You can start/stop the radio and change stations. It too replaces the clock on the first homescreen.

The Samsung C3300K Champ did reasonably well in our audio quality test. It achieved some excellent scores when you use it as audio source for external amplifiers (such as a car or home stereo), rivaling some of the best handsets we have seen. The stereo crosstalk reading and loudness were the only areas where it failed to impress, although it isn’t too bad there either.

However once you plug in headphones, the Champ basically loses its stereo capabilities streaming virtually identical sound streams to both channels. You can also see the really high distortion levels in the chart below.

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