tiffany uk Say Noah to climate change

Say Noah to climate change

One more thing among the myriad that I don’t get. Air passengers in open revolt over fees on baggage. Somewhere along the way it came to be understood as another of our constitutional rights that you can pack the entire contents of your garage into your luggage and the airline will carry it for no charge. Fierce disciples of the free market suddenly start vibrating with anger when a carrier decides how it wants to price its service. It’s a little like getting mad at a restaurant for not having one all you can eat price. No, it’s EXACTLY like that.

The really strange thing is that baggage is hardly an arbitrary place for pricing. Weight is a significant cost to flying a plane. Nor is it a place in which the consumer is helpless. Pack less, pay less! Did you REALLY need to bring that fire hydrant? What about fees for carry on items? Does ANYONE enjoy the 20 minutes of slow motion overhead bin Tetris before the plane takes off? It’s NOT gouging. Airlines are not making off with giant profits. It’s not nickel and diming. It’s straightforward and logical fee for service. Right? Tom Toles

I remember days when overhead room was ample. People only carried on things that they needed (a small bag for a book, a couple of toys for the kids, and their jacket). Once airlines started to charge for checked baggage, people began trying to carry on whatever they could to avoid the fee. Nowadays, there’s a big stack of rolling suitcases that people want to bring in the overhead bins, delaying the flight.

Airlines should limit the dimensions of what can be carried on in order to exclude rolling suitca tiffany uk ses and 4 ft long duffle bags.

As an aside, the reasaon for all of these fees is an easy one. If the airline raises ticket prices, the FAA gets a percentage of the increase. However, airlines keep 100% of any (non TSA) “fees” that they charge (including baggage, beverage, food, etc). I travel for a living, and if my items don’t arrive with me, then my workshop / presentation / classroom session is missing some crucial ingredients. You make the claim about weight, but don’t deal with the “larger” issue of passenger weight, and you paint everyone with the same brush of bringing excess stuff. I know that I pare my packing down to the bare minimum; I don’t want to lug stuff any more than the airline wants to. But the point of traveling is to get somewhere with the tools you need to operate when you arrive. If you get charged extra for any f tiffany uk orm of luggage you bring, why bother? And why not build that into the ticket price? It’s like an elaborate bait and switch, where the airline offers a low fare, but by the time you’ve paid for baggage, lavatory access, and maybe a blanket, it’s far more. One price, all inclusive, that’s the way it should work. I certainly need a carry on, and not a tiny one, either, as my checked luggage has been lost frequently enough on international flights, and broken into, too, and there are certain items that I MUST carry with me.

But the main reason I ever check bags is because I’m carrying something they might not let me bring into the cabin (an archaeological trowel, a bottle of wine, whatever).

Why should I have to pay $45 extra to carry on a bag of medical supplies and a couple days’ worth of clothes, and to check a 4 inch trowel, when the whole thing, me included, barely weighs 130 lbs.?

Charge me for the weight. It’s only fair. By your reasoning, then busses should also be able to charge if you decided to have a bag stored underneath, or in the overhead. Would you be OK with that?

Also Southwest has found a way to not enter the circus of expanding fees. You buy your ticket, your bags fly free, and you get beverages and snacks free. Their flights are packed, and nobod tiffany uk y complains. My only hope is they will eventually fly everywhere in the US so I don’t have to do ala carte flying with anyone else. When you give people something for free, then take it away from them and charge them the same amount of money o tiffany uk r even more, they will get annoyed. One of the joys of flying Southwest is that they have retained their free baggage policy because they know it gives them an edge in the marketplace. They got their first edge by not serving food which, on domestic flights, was never better than high school cafeteria grub on any airline. People happily brought a sandwich or whatever on board in return for cheerful, efficient service and a cheap flight. I only take computers, electronics and other high dollar items that the airlines refuse to pay for if stolen.

When the airlines cover employee theft of high value items like computers and other electronics then I’ll agree to check them as baggage.

Until then they travel in the overhead bin and I’ll be darned if I’ll pay a fee for the privilege of keeping my property safe from the very people I’m paying to transport me.

This is not a slap at the overwhelming majority of honest and professional airline employees. It is a slap at the airlines who refuse to accept responsibility for the actions of their employees.

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