tiffany uk Say yes to eco friendly bags

Say yes to eco friendly bags

Students of Phoenix Greens School of Learning, Gachibowli, distributed jute bags to the public, to spread awareness on the harmful effects of plastic on the environment.

Children held boards which read No to plastic Thrills but Kills on a Saturday morning near Kasu Brahmananda Reddy (KBR) Park, much to the amazement of the regular joggers and walkers.

Gathered at the crack of dawn, the students had a long morning ahead as they spread awareness on the harmful effect of plastic on the environment and health.

They not only spread the word with their placards but also distributed jute bags to the passerbys.

They, along with students and visitors at the park, participated in the signature campaign during the event.

campaigns which involve school tiffany uk students should be encouraged.

hey bring a change in the attitude from the root level itself, says Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta.

we put food in plastic covers and store in the refrigerator.

This is harmful to the health and may lead to cancer as well, explained Mukesh Kumar, former captain of the Indian hockey team and Arjuna Award winner to the young keen audience.

Students were tol tiffany uk d about the HMDA operation to clean Hussainsagar lake and were told to spread the word of keeping the city clean by not throwing plastic in the water bodies and parks.

Apart from being a corporate social responsibility drive, the children’s campaign was aimed at addressing the growing ecological problems with the rampant use of plastic and and to nip it in the bud.

To use jute or cloth bags as a replacement for the harmful plastic bags made out of petrochemicals was the message the children spread as they distributed jute bags to the vendors at the park.

will tiffany uk stop using plastic at home from now on. While distributing the jute bags, we felt we were saving our earth, says Oorja Ifthekhar, Std. V, Phoenix Greens School of Learning.

Incidentally environmental awareness is a regular activity at t tiffany uk he Phoenix Green. The management of the school organises campaigns within the school to inculcate social responsibility in the students.

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