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The 31 year old five time Olympic gold medallist contracted the bugs after undergoing a series of surgeries on his shoulder at a hospital near his home in the Swiss town of Ronco sopra Ascona.

He has returned to Sydney and is receiving treatment at an intensive care ward.

April 09, 2014: Swimming champion Ian Thorpe has spent the night in intensive care in a Sydney ho tiffany uk spital, where he battling two potentially deadly infections.

“He’s undergone two or three operations over the last two months but he’s a battler.

“He’s not in intensive care at the moment but the infection is being taken very seriously.”
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Mr Erskine rubbished claims that the swimmin tiffany uk g legend could lose the use of his arm.

“I think that’s all poetic licence that’s just nonsense,” he said.

But Mr Erskine confirmed the illness would mean a definite end to Thorpe’s swimming career.

“From a competitive point of view he will not be swimming competitively again I don’t think,” he sa tiffany uk id.

“The shoulder operation was a major operation, he’s got so many plates in there I’ve seen the x rays and he looks like the Bionic Man.”

It’s understood the infection contracted by Thorpe is similar in nature to the potentially deadly Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) superbug that has swept some hospitals in Europe.

It is the latest upset in Thorpe’s life.

His father revealed in February that Thorpe was battling depression.

The popular swimmer sought help in early 2014 after being found disoriented near his parents’ home in southern Sydney, having taken a combination of antidepressants and medication for a shoulder injury.

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