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says Bookaar Fonterra supplier tiffany uk Andrew Duynhoven

the capacity for every farmer to increase, but is it worth us doing it?is not about productivity, it is ab tiffany uk out profitability. wife Kellie and children Darcy, 10, Chelsea, 8, and McLeod, 5, milk over 300 cows near Camperdown.Supplying Fonterra via the Bonlac Supply Company, Andrew said the deal with Woolworths particularly processing the milk in Cobden was great for the great for the town, to use a plant that used to produce UHT flavoured milk, he said. is great for the company, it is another product range, but the question is: is it great for the farmers?think it a deal with the devil, but is it better the devil you know than the devil you don Supermarkets devalu tiffany uk e our products to get people in the store, but it contradicts itself promoting dairy farmers so well as part of its ad campaign. believed Fonterra deal with Woolworths would help them get more space for other products in the supermarket and wouldn necessarily make the company or farmers any extra money.He questioned if the new bottling plant at Cobden and the deal with Woolworths were ways to up the domestic market while the industry focus has been on overseas markets.Chris Brooks of Waaia Posted at 1:54 PM April 13, 2014Despite a likely short term correction on the GDT milk powder values the farm gate number next season should be no less than this season. This view presumes the present world economic and social trends are not upset by a “financial” heart attack in the “markets”. Australian processors are all weaving and spinning their tales to avoid any opposition capturing their milk supply. Rumours are swirling about regarding incentives that could be on the table for farmers prepared to commit for several years but nothing substantial is yet public. Fonterra have certainly moved into a new gear. Swales is a good saleswoman. Helou said he can’t sleep he is so exited but I bet MG farmers are not so excited when he calls $6.70 max for milk price range when many other dairy farmers will be receiving over $7.00. Could Gary be holding back his cards or does he think he can grow MG paying under the value for milk to his farmers. I hope MG has an exciting plan for their future because ACM, Fonterra, Saput tiffany uk o and Bega among others want their milk supply. I wouldn’t take any processor seriously that didn’t offer a $7.00 outlook for the coming season. That is where fair Oz trend milk value is for 2014 15.

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