tiffany uk Says EVERYONE Wants Her Haircu

Says EVERYONE Wants Her Haircut

The more I read about Kate Gosselin the more vile she seems. Bitch is completely full or herself and really needs to be brought back down to reality. Besides publicly humiliating her husband every possible chance she gets, apparently she doesn’t like people touching her or tal tiffany uk king to her. She sounds so charming, I can totally see why morons watch her show, “Jon and Kate Plus Eight.”

As more and more comes out about her and her husband and their sham of a marriage, more stories of her legendary bitchiness are cropping up. Hell, even her own brother is happy to sell her out now that’s love right there. Us Magazine has an article up about a recent visit she made to Michiga tiffany uk n to promote her book and show. She managed to intimidate a fan who brought gi tiffany uk fts for the kids and her bodyguard yelled at little girl to not touch Kate. eyerolls

“Kate looked so intimidating I didn’t even want to bring the gifts to her!” Knapp told Us. “I felt like I might get my hand slapped. Later, when I told her what the gifts were, she kind of warmed up and was nicer, but at first, she seemed very detached.”

I’ll bet she warmed up, Kate’s all about the freebies. Also revealed in the article is tiffany uk that Kate makes $75,000 for every episode of the show, that’s $50,000 more than we first reported. Sweet Jeebus, I am in the wrong line of work. Clearly I should have used my womb as an ATM and sat back and racked in the dough. Not a bad gig I say, considering she clearly leaves all the actual parenting work to her army of nannies.

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