tiffany uk says John Ibrahim’s sister Mah

says John Ibrahim’s sister Maha Sayour

Maha Sayour, 41, has pleaded not guilty to dealing recklessly with the proceeds of crime after the stockpile of banknotes was seized during two police raids at her South Wentworthville home, The Daily Telegraph reported.

In the Crown’s opening address at the District Court in Sydney, prosecutor Jose Crespo said $2.86 million was found in 95 heat sealed plastic tiffany uk bags in a ceiling cavity during a second raid on April 29, 2009.

Mr Crespo said the $2.86 million was discovered when police used a special cable with an camera attached to e tiffany uk xamine cavities in the walls and ceiling of the house and found $350 sitting on top of a kitchen cabinet.

Officers dismantled the cabinet, revealing a hole in the ceiling. A search then found numerous bags each containing about $30,000.

An additional bundle of $50 notes, not sealed in a bag, was allegedly tied with an elastic band nearby.

It’s alleged police also seized a machine for vacuum packaging food and several packets of bags, similar to the ones containing the money.

Ms Sayour’s barrister Robert Sutherland SC said his client tiffany uk did not know that $2.86 million was in the ceiling.

He added that 13 finger and palm prints, none of them hers, had been found on the money bags and police did not know who they belonged to.

In a video recording of the first raid played to the court, Ms Sayour is heard telling police that the $3850 was from her brother John, who gave her $500 a week to help with the mortgage.

She also said that she had been renovating the house for several years and had “one kitchen for looking and one kitchen for cooking”.

“I tiffany uk f I had big sums of money I would have finished the bloody house, trust me,” she told officers.

Mr Sutherland said there was little evidence that the $3850 was the proceeds of crime and that there was little to link Ms Sayour to the $2.86 million except the machine, bags and location.

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