tiffany uk says model Roz as she launches

says model Roz as she launches her new power suit range

The striking brunette told the Herald that she “hates” dresses and is all about trouser suits for women after making her first range of stylish pants and matching blazers.

Known for her quirky and laid back style, the Tipperary model said she turned her hand to designing in order to give women a high quality alternative to dresses.

“We just wanted a good quality range that lasts,” she said.

“There are a lot of high street brands that do gorgeous power suits for women, but they are not there to last.

“They are not the quality that you need so that is what we are aiming tiffany uk to do, but not the really expensive side where you are going out paying for Armani or Alexander McQueen.”

The suits are made to order and the cost includ tiffany uk es a visit from designer Morley to fit the suits to individual tast tiffany uk es.

“Pat is the most amazing man ever,” said Roz of working with the designer.

“He has never done a women’s range and I just think it’s something that is really missing from the market.”

Currently training to take part in an Iron Woman competition, Roz enjoyed a rare night out on the tiles and later turned up at the awards after party in infamous Dublin night club tiffany uk Copper Faced Jacks.

So it looks like the award nominees goody bag, which included a gold card granting lifetime membership to Coppers, may be lost on her.

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