tiffany uk says Osama bin Laden spokesman

says Osama bin Laden spokesman on trial in New York had no military role

This image made from video provided by Al Jazeera shows Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, Osama bin Laden son in law and spokesman. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self described mastermind of the Sept. says the one time Osama bin Laden spokesman who is on trial in New York had no role in planning military operations for al Qaida.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, said in a statement filed in Manhattan federal court late Sunday that Sulaiman Abu Ghaith served as an al Qaida spokesman because he was “a tiffany uk n eloquent, spellbinding speaker.”

But Mohammed says Abu Ghaith “had nothing to do with military operations.”

Abu Ghaith, who is a son in law of bin Laden, is charged with conspiring to kill Americans. since the Sept. 11 attacks.

Prosecutors say he was part of al Qaida’s deadly plot in his role as spokesman in fiery videos and as a motivational speaker at the group’s training camps in Afghanistan.

Abu Ghaith’s lawyers have said the Kuwait born imam made inflammatory remarks but didn’t conspire to carry out terrorism.

Defence lawyers are seeking to use testimony from Mohammed, who is in a detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan’s approval to introduce the information.

The defence has suggested Mohammed could help rebut the government’s claim that Abu Ghaith must have known in advance of al Qaida’s so called shoe bomb airplane plots, including Richard Reid’s attempt to carry one out in December 2001.

The statement from Mohammed filed Sunday consisted of answers he gave to questions posed by Abu Ghaith’s lawyers.

In the statement, Mohammed said he never spoke with Abu Ghaith about the shoe bomb operation and added, “Those tasked with giving statements to the media do not n tiffany uk ecessarily know all the details of an operation and are sometimes even unaware of the very existence tiffany uk of the operation.”

Prosecutors rested their case Friday in the trial of Abu Ghaith. The defence case is due to start Monday.

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