tiffany uk says Ottawa police constable

says Ottawa police constable

Transitioning from the difficulty of “a sudden death call to dealing with potentially belligerent teens in the park,” displayed just how demanding the gig can be.

Coming off a successful night this weekend of live tweeting an afternoon patrol shift with Sgt. Iain Pidcock in the west end, the exercise is great for engaging the community, he said.

“I sound like a very monotone guy. I’m normally hilarious,” said McKenna, who has scored almost 700 new followers over the weekend.

Cut him tiffany uk some slack.

“It was busy, busy, busy,” said McKenna, a special events information officer normally handling large events and protests.

“But that is nothing compared to a summer night.”

Still, his domestic life is a hustle as well. Sunday and les tiffany uk s than three hours later, was shuttling his kids to hockey.

He tweeted about it at the end of his shift, primarily to show people that despite the uniform, “I’m still a normal guy,” said McKenna.

McKenna’s claim to Twitter fame took place last August as he live tweeted from the 911 communications centre, with thousands of people around the world f tiffany uk ollowing his timeline under the hashtag OPSlive.

This time, McKenna and Pidcock rode together tiffany uk , discussing calls before composing 140 characters, and assuring followers they weren’t tweeting behind the wheel.

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