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Japan’s next prime minister, Yukio Hatoyama, likes to wash dishes, enjoys animal movies and is secretly addicted to prawn crackers, his wife has revealed.

Hatoyama, who heads the tiffany uk Democratic Party of Japan, which won a landslide victory in parliamentary elections on Sunday, is “a natural person,” his wife Miyuki told the Mainichi newspaper.

The scion of a powerful political dynasty and one of Japan’s richest lawmakers, the 62 year old Stanford trained engineer generally appears straight faced in public, with a few exceptional smiles after Sunday’s vote.

But Miyuki painted a warm picture of her husband in private.

“I like to cook, but he goes to the kitchen after breakfast and dinner saying, ‘I feel bad letting you do the dishes after having you cook,'” Miyuki, a former actress turned lifestyle guru, said.

Miyuki said the couple never discussed politics at home and that, ins tiffany uk tead, she gave him foot rubs after a hard day’s campaigning.

“On holidays, we go to the tiffany uk supermarket together and he appears to have fun pushing the cart around. He likes prawn crackers, but knowi tiffany uk ng that I will scold him, he secretly slips a couple of bags into the cart,” she said.

Among his other hobbies, Hatoyama enjoys watching movies in which the protagonists are animals or have sweet plots such as Hayao Miyazaki’s animation classic Princess Mononoke, she said.

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