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says writer Jed Mercurio

With just one episode to go in theBBC Two drama cur tiffany uk rent run, Mer tiffany uk curio said: a real obligation to tie things together but whether there a resolution that ties things up neatly on a bow is different thing sometimesdeliberately leave loose ends which are there because we want to come back and do another series and we want to pick them up. If you come up with an end that just too neat the audience won buy it, he added.And with the series widely touted as the next best thing to Broadchurch, it will probably come as quite a surprise to learn that Mercurio tends to it up asIgo along when he pennin tiffany uk g the script.then have to deal with the any problems I create for myself, he explained toBBC Radio 4 Today programme. I suddenly decided to kill off a character who was important later on then I hav tiffany uk e to re think what I doing later on. Of Duty concludes next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC Two.

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