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SBA Offers Tips to Help Businesses and Homeowners Prepare for Hurricane Season

The six month Atlantic hurricane season (June 1 to November 30) can present sudden dangers for businesses and household in many parts of the United states. Small Business Administration urges homeowners and businesses to plan and prepar tiffany uk e for the worst case scenario by taking steps in advance to minimize damage caused by these major storms.

The survival of a community can depend on the ability of businesses and homeowners to minimize the risks wind damage and flooding that accompany hurricanes.

Have a disaster plan in place. Find escape routes from the home or business and establish places to meet. Have on hand emergency phone numbers; business owners should designate a contact person who will communicate with other employees, customers and suppliers. Families should ask an out of state relative or friend to serve as the “family contact.”

Insurance. homeowners in flood prone areas have flood insurance. Business owners an individuals should review their insurance policies before the storm hits. Business interruption insurance which replaces income lost during down time caused by a covered peril should be c tiffany uk onsidered.

Disaster survival kit. It should include a flashlight and extra batteries, portable, battery operated radio an tiffany uk d extra batteries, a first aid kit, non perishable packaged and canned food, water (a weeks’ worth), an manual can opener, sturdy shoes, a basic tool kit, waterproof plastic bags, and cash.

Important business records should be stored at an off site location at least 50 miles away. Computer data should be backed up, saved on diskettes or CD Roms and stored off site.

Windows. Install storm shutters over all exposed windows and other glass surfaces in the home or business. Plywood sh tiffany uk utters 1/2 inch marine plywood is best can also offer protection from flying debris.

The SBA makes low interest disaster loans to homeowners, renters and non farm businesses of all sizes.

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