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Resource recovery is about recycling our waste we generate daily know as MSW normally left in landfill, we can reuse the green, construction and plastics waste We combust it into methanol/ethanol by passing plants. This recovery is the best answer and thats about making new products using Steam reformation and bio refine the methane to a olifin and enclosing the carbon loop by making PVC products. Carbon nano tubes/kevlar/any plastic products. Electricity is another by product and clean waterThe reason for such a poor recycling performance is the fact, that currently this type of waste can legally be disposed into landfills. Landfill disposal costs about 3c/kg, while recycling costs about $2.50/kg, so recycling companiessuch tiffany uk as CMA Ecocycle, cannot compete with landfill.Countries of the European Community, all of Scandinavia, Canada, most of USA, Japan, New Zealand, even Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and many others have or are in the process of banning Mercury containing lighting waste from landfill disposal and have mandated recycling.Mercury is a potent neurotoxin, especially harmful to children and young women. 1 gram of Mercury can contaminate a Million liters of water to above safe levels, yet we are dumping about 2 tones of it into our enviro tiffany uk nment in the form of Fluorescent tubes, HIDs and CFLs, every year.Broken down into material components, the 70 Million tiffany uk units of lighting waste each year generated in Australia represents:18,400 t Glass500 t Aluminium500 t other metals700 t Phosphor powder2,3 t MercuryApart from the fact that this waste is the main source of Mercury contamination of our landfill sites, we are also discarding valuable, energy intensive raw materials, which if collected and recycled would annually account for 27,500 t of Greenhouse gas reduction, and the energy saved would represent 5,620 cars off the road or electricity sufficient to power 6,200 average households.+ 5 agree 3 disagreemini fluros and mercurycouncils have a free hazardous waste collection point once a year. They take fluros. This is not a practical solution for most people, but if you are motivated you can keep your globes till t tiffany uk hen. we do it, and usually only have one or two to dispose of. I did try and get council to pubicise their danger in general landfill, but it is still legal, so no funds for this. Once it becomes illegal to put fluros in landfill then something more practical will arise.

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