tiffany’s Sang Lab ManualMicroscopes

Sang Lab Manual

Microscopes and slides

Microscopes: No person will be allowed to use the Axioplan 2 or Axiovert unless personally trained by Ian or by someone Ian delegates to train. Tony is our OIT funded resident microscopy maintenance person and will make sue the microscopes are clean and covered when not in use. Report any problems to tiffany’s Ian immediately.

Notes: make sure your are using the right immersion oil. Do not mix oils andDO NOT use the halocarbon oil (only for injections) on the Axioplan 2. Gently wipe off excess oil the tiffany’s objective after each use and check surrounding area and stage for any oil drips. Try and tiffany’s do all your low power (20X objective) dry lens work first and then switch over to high power oil objective lenses. When you are using the mercury arc bulb please ask others in the lab if they need it on before turning the bulb off. If you turn the bulb off pleas let it cool down ( at least 1/2 hour) before turning the bulb on again.

Slides: When we are using many slides (such as a screen) pleas re use the slides. After use soak the the slide and agar/agarose pad with hot wat tiffany’s er and soap. Let sit submerged in water for a couple of days and clean with soap and water and rinse with distilled water. You can dry the slides in the blue slide storage racks.

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