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Saskatchewan caught between two weather systems

Saskatchewan is caught in the no man’s land between Eastern and Western Canadian weather systems.

That’s why Saskatoon has recently seen dramatic swings in temperature from above freezing last weekend, to the low 20s this wee tiffany’s k, to a forecasted plus 2 Friday.

The infamous polar vortex, centred around tiffany’s tiffany’s strong>the Great Lakes, dominates the eastern part of the continent, said Environment Canada Senior Climatologist David Phillips.

Meanwhile, the west coast is experiencing a high pressure system that’s causing a “sno tiffany’s w drought” in British Columbia.

And a jet stream “transition zone” cutting through Saskatchewan separates them. Depending on how it shifts, the province will be affected by one system or the other.

“The jet stream, we know, is never static and stable and constant, it’s always moving,” he said.

“It’s not something you often see on the Prairies. It’s more the kind of Toronto or Eastern Canadian (weather), if you don’t like the weather out your front door, look out the back door.”

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